Composite, or tooth-colored, fillings are an excellent replacement to silver amalgam (metal) fillings. Composite resins are made from durable synthetic material, available in an array of tooth-colored shades to match your natural teeth. Because these composite fillings are nearly invisible next to your natural teeth, they are the best option for cosmetic dental purposes.

Composite tooth-colored fillings are effective options for preventing future cavities because they are compatible with dental sealants. This allows your dentist to perform both procedures in one visit thus protecting the repaired tooth from further decay. Other advantages to composite fillings include:

Composite fillings bond to securely to tooth structure

Often these fillings can be repaired by adding composite material

They don’t expand and contract drastically with temperature change

They are completely safe and mercury-free

With proper installation and care, these fillings will last for many years

These reasons are why at CITIDental High Street we use composite fillings for our patients. If you believe you have a cavity, if you would like to replace your current amalgam fillings with composite fillings, or you are just due for a checkup, contact CITIDental High Street today and we’ll get you scheduled for an appointment. We’re less than a block from South Station in downtown Boston.

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