Injuries to the teeth and mouth make up a major portion of sports injuries–as high as 39%, according to some studies. The most effective way to prevent this type of injury while participating in sports is with athletic mouthguards. As part of our preventive dentistry, CITIDental High Street in Boston offers quality custom mouthguards made specifically for you to keep your teeth whole and undamaged while you play.

Several studies have shown that when rules regarding mouthguards and faceguards were introduced to high school and college football, injuries to the mouth and teeth dropped by roughly 99%. While not all athletic programs have rules about mouthguards, they are still essential in protecting the teeth of youth and adults who participate in sports.

Many Benefits

While tooth protection would be reason enough to be fitted for a mouthguard, this vital sports equipment has other benefits as well. Aside from directly protecting your teeth, our custom mouthguards can also reduce your chances of other head and neck injuries. Keeping a mouthguard in your mouth helps stabilize the muscles of your head and neck, making it harder for your neck to snap around when you’re hit. It also changes the way force is distributed through your face and head, which can help protect your brain and reduce the risk of concussion. A little injury prevention in this area goes a long way to keep you safe and performing at your best.

Custom Versus Over-The-Counter

While athletic mouthguards are available at many stores, these over-the-counter versions are often less comfortable and effective than a properly fitted mouthguard provided by your dentist. These custom mouthguards are designed not to irritate your gums and to provide the closest fit for your teeth. Even boil-and-bite sports guards that can be molded to your teeth are not as well-fitted or effective as the custom mouthguards offered by CITIDental High Street. We provide the best protection to keep athletes safe and smiling.

A Perfect Fit For You

Like any dental appliance, it is important that your mouthguard should fit you as closely as possible without irritation. To make your custom mouthguard, we will take a mold of your teeth to be used to create a highly accurate model of your bite. The mouthguard is then shaped to this model for an exact fit. Our athletic mouthguards are made from durable, comfortable materials, resistant to tearing, and are easy to clean and maintain.

Maintaining Your Mouthguard

Like many objects that seem smooth and solid, your mouthguard is actually very porous when seen under a microscope. To keep it free of excessive bacteria, you should rinse your mouthguard before and after use, and make sure to sanitize it with soap or mouthwash after each time you wear it. The mouthguard should be stored in a vented container to keep it dry, and protected from exposure to the sun or high temperatures that can cause warping. With proper care, a mouthguard can last for two years of regular use.

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