If you are like most people, you might tend to shrug off your regular dental exam. After all, why would you make an extra appointment when your teeth feel totally fine? Unfortunately, decay doesn’t take long to develop and destroy your teeth. At CITIDental High Street in downtown Boston, we recommend coming in every six months. That lets us keep tabs on everything before problems have a chance to get too serious.

Preventive dentistry can save you a lot of inconvenience and pain in the long run. Here are five important reasons you should come in for regular dental exams:

1: Treat Dental Issues Early

What would you rather have—a tiny filling or a painful tooth extraction? One of the best things about regular dental checkups is that they give us the opportunity to treat dental issues early. Instead of dealing with abscesses and gum recession, we can scrape away troublesome plaque and tartar before it can do more damage.

2: Monitor Ongoing Problems

Everyone has one or two problem teeth—you know, that tooth that always seems to have some kind of issue. Unfortunately, if you lapse on your dental checkups, it might be hard for your dentist to monitor progress and to stop decay from progressing. However, if you visit us regularly, we can keep an eye on that tooth so it gets the attention it demands. Hopefully this will head off those late night emergency dentistry situations when you wake up with a throbbing toothache.

3: Keep Gums Healthy

During your dental exam, we will be looking at a lot more than just your teeth. In addition to inspecting dental surfaces for fractures, discoloration and decay, your dentist will also inspect your gums for signs of gum disease and to make sure that they are healthy. We’ll also scrape away plaque or tartar near your gums that could otherwise lead to gum disease.

4: To Keep That Smile Beautiful

If the health of your teeth isn’t enough to prompt you to come in for your regular dental exam, consider the fact that visiting the dentist regularly could help you to keep your teeth beautiful. If you have crooked teeth, your dentist might recommend a simple solution to straighten them out. Likewise, regular cleanings can help prevent discoloration. We will scrape away plaque and, if you like, recommend a teeth whitening solution for you. Our dentists can even repair complicated fractures or misshapen teeth by applying dental bonding agents.

5: To Set An Example For Your Kids

Last but not least, visiting the dentist regularly can also help you to set an example for your family members. Your children might be less scared to visit the dentist if you show them how it’s done, and your teenagers might understand the value of regular dental care when you keep your own appointments.

Why Choose CITIDental High Street

At CITIDental High Street, we are dedicated to excellence in comprehensive oral health and dental care services. Our goal is to meet all your needs with the talents and skills of different specialties in one office – that is what comprehensive means. We offer a complete range of cosmetic services, preventive care, and restorative care right in the heart of the financial district. Contact us today for an appointment.

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