Few things are more frustrating than coping with a dental emergency. There is never a convenient time for a chipped tooth or a toothache. In addition to pain, you may be stressing about how your smile will look, or the long-term implications of your injury. Fortunately, at CITIDental High Street, we can resolve any dental emergency, large or small, here in our Boston dental office. Let us know you’re having an emergency and we’ll do everything we can to get you help and get you back to your life.

Here are a few things we can take care of right in our office:

Toothache: It might seem like a basic toothache, but that sore spot could be a sign of an underlying infection. Extreme toothaches can also make it hard to sleep, eat, or talk normally, which is why we like to treat them right away. You might need a root canal or an emergency filling to repair the problem.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth: An accident like this can affect your appearance, the way you talk, and leave you more susceptible to decay. We can quickly repair cracks and chips so neither you nor anyone else will know it happened.

Broken Crown or Bridge: In addition to throwing off your bite, broken dental restorations can also introduce bacteria to previously damaged areas. Fortunately, we can remove that damaged crown and place a temporary version until your new crown is milled. If that crown is chipped, we can use dental bonding agents to rebuild the area.

Lost Tooth: It might seem like the end of the world, but we deal with missing teeth all the time. If you lose a tooth suddenly, try to locate the tooth and keep it in milk. Call us right away and we will try to reattach it.

Our Dedication To Emergency Care

Don’t worry about having to wait to get that tooth repaired. Here at CITIDental High Street, we focus on treating emergency patients as soon as possible. If we don’t have an appointment available, we can even fit you in between appointments or stay after hours to repair your tooth. If our office isn’t open when your injury occurs, we will work hard to help you to find emergency care. If you have a dental emergency, call our office anytime. We monitor our voicemail constantly and we will return your call as soon as possible to help you to get the treatment you need.

Why Choose CITIDental High Street

At CITIDental High Street, we are dedicated to excellence in comprehensive oral health and dental care services. Our goal is to meet all your needs with the talents and skills of different specialties in one office – that is what comprehensive means. We offer a complete range of cosmetic services, preventive care, and restorative care right in the heart of the financial district. Contact us today for an appointment.

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