Receding gums occur when the healthy gum tissue around your teeth begins to disappear. Many people don’t notice subtle changes in their gumline, but you might notice an unusual sensitivity to cold or sweet. As well as a cosmetic issue, gum recession can contribute to serious health problems including tooth loss. At CITIDental High Street, our in-house periodontist, Dr. Ann-Marie O’Connor, can identify and treat gum recession so it doesn’t become a serious detriment to your health or self image.


Some people believe mild gum recession is not a problem, or that gum recession is only a problem that the elderly need to be concerned about. In fact, any gum recession at any age is dangerous. Receding gums expose vulnerable gum tissue and tooth roots to bacteria, increasing the danger of cavities and gum disease. Also, when the gums begin to recede, the underlying bone tissue also recedes. When teeth lose their support structure they can become loose and, if left untreated, eventually fall out.


It’s possible to develop gum recession even if you visit your dentist often and have great dental hygiene. Receding gums can be caused by any of the following:

Gum disease


Misaligned teeth

Overly aggressive brushing

Using a toothbrush with too-hard bristles


Fortunately, there are a number of both surgical and non-surgical remedies for receding gums, all of which can lessen or eliminate the dangers that gum loss brings. Here are some of the solutions that we offer at CITIDental High Street:

Gum Grafting – For serious cases of gum recession, gum grafting replaces lost tissue with new, healthy tissue. If gum disease has advanced to the point where the bones underneath have also started to decay, bone grafting can likewise add new, healthy bone tissue. Both kinds of grafting strengthen the tooth, making it more stable.

Gum Disease Treatments – When gum recession is caused by gum disease, we can often stop and even reverse the recession by treating the infection. Here are a few treatments we offer for treating gum disease.

  • Scaling and Root Planing –  For early cases of gum disease, gum loss can be stopped with a thorough cleaning below the gumline that clears away that plaque and tartar that irritates the gums and creates a haven for bacteria. We offer this procedure as a first step to controlling gum disease.
  • Flap surgery – When gum disease advances to the point that bacteria can infiltrate below the gum line, flap surgery allows Dr. O’Connor to lift the gum tissue and clean out underneath it. Not only does this remove harmful bacteria, but it also eliminates spaces between the teeth and gums where germs can invade.

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