The Importance of Preventative Dentistry

During the day to day of our busy lives, the idea of going to the dentist when nothing is wrong can seem like an unnecessary drain on our time. At the same time, we all know that preventive medicine can save both time and money in the long run. At CITIDental High Street, we’re in the business of keeping our patients’ smiles as healthy as possible for as long as possible. We’re certainly capable of replacing missing teeth, but we’d rather help you keep the ones you have for life.

Here are some of the preventive dental services we offer at our downtown Boston office:

Why Should you Care About Preventative Dentistry?

Most of us know we need to visit the dentist regularly. (We recommend at least every six months.) But many of us need a little help remembering and maybe a little extra motivation for taking the time twice a year. We are happy to help you remember when your six month visit is approaching.

As for motivation, here are a few reasons preventive dentistry should be on everyone’s to do list. Before you fill your calendar full of lunch dates, meetings, and vacations, consider these reasons to make your semi-annual dental checkup a priority:

1. Catch Issues Early

How do you feel about that small cavity turning into a ravenous, diseased dental abscess? If you want to keep decay from spreading, it is crucial to catch issues early. Since cavities can hide between teeth and sometimes aren’t deep enough to cause large amounts of pain, they aren’t always easy to spot. Fortunately, our dental team can carefully evaluate your images and perform thorough physical exams to find problems before they snowball into larger issues.

2. Keep Repairs to a Minimum

Another great thing about focusing on preventive care is that it can help you avoid the cost and pain of repairing dental problems down the road. After all, a small cavity is easier to fix than an entire tooth filled with decay. In addition to making your dental visits as quick and painless as possible, preventive dental work is gentler on your pocketbook.

3. Discuss Your Dental Regimen

When it comes to keeping your teeth healthy, your daily dental regimen is key. Unfortunately, if you only visit our office once every few years, our dentists won’t be able to identify daily habits that could be harming your teeth. However, if you see our professionals on a regular basis, they can spot trends with your dental issues, suggest the right changes, and cheer you on to keep up the good work.

For example, if you tend to brush too hard, you could end up with a recessed gum line and a painful mouth. However, if one of our dentists noticed the issue during one of your regular dental checkups, they might be able to recommend different toothbrush positions to mitigate the problem. Checking in with your dentist on a regular basis can help you to make simple adjustments that can make a big difference later.

4. Stay Beautiful

In addition to keeping your teeth healthy and comfortable, visiting our office regularly might also help you to keep your teeth beautiful. In addition to whitening and brightening your smile, our dentists can also help you to straighten and shape your teeth so you can feel confident. During your preventive care visits, discuss your aesthetic goals with one of our dentists. If you want a whiter smile, we can give you dramatically brighter teeth in about an hour. If you are concerned about a tooth that juts out, our dentists will be able to recommendcosmetic dental solutions to resolve the issue.

5. Protect Your Investment

Last but not least, focusing on preventive care can help you to protect your previous dental investments. During regular checkups, our team will inspect prior restorations to make sure they are holding strong. Fillings, composite repairs, root canals, and dental crowns will be inspected for signs of structural damage, disease, and discoloration. If problems are discovered, they can be corrected before they grow into a larger issue.

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